1. A Whole Bunch Of New Characters

If you were a little disappointed with the bland, declawed versions of favourite characters from the comics, you can rest easy this season knowing that the guys who were in charge of whatever the hell happened to Michonne and the Governor are just making up original characters. That could be fine.


2. Suspicion, Betrayal, Power Plays

Season 1 did it by a lake, Season 2 did it in a farmhouse, Season 3 did it in a prison, and now, Season 4's doing it! Still in a prison!


3. Trouble In Paradise

Glenn and Maggie's relationship will be tested this season, much like Nick and Jess' has been in the more recent episodes of 'New Girl'. Such a great show. Everybody should be watching that.


4. New Villains

And Damon Wayans Jr. is returning to the cast! It's a shame Happy Endings had to be cancelled but it's hard for a fast-paced, high-quality sitcom to survive in today's dog-eat-dog televisual arena of zombie shows, secondary parallel zombie shows, and shows where people sit in a room and discuss zombie shows and, presumably, any secondary parallels thereof.


5. Is Merle REALLY Gone?

Sleepy Hollow's been pretty tight so far. You guys caught it yet? Oh man, you totally should. It's written by the same guys who did Fringe, yet another diamond in the rough abandoned by popular opinion way too soon. Anyway, The Walking Dead Season 12 will probably happen.


6. Emotional Complexity

Carl is yet to meaningfully confront the fact he had to shoot his zombie mom in the head seconds after she gave birth to his sister. We've all been there, bud. Maybe this is finally the year we get a real, concerted effort to explore the psychological toll of-hang on, let me just DVR the rest of this. Eastbound and Down's about to come on.


7. Rick Takes Charge

Haha, Kenny Powers.


8. Moral Ambiguity

Homeland used to be great at this, but why anyone still bothers watching any show after such an awful second season is beyond me.