13 Ben and Jerrys Flavors Based > </em></p>
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Spin Doctors' Two Prune-ces.

Ben and Jerry love jam bands! This had "spun" cotton candy flavored ice cream, and two different kinds of prunes. 

Rusted Root's Send Me On My Way!

Ben and Jerry love jam bands! This was an ice cream that looked rust-colored because it was flavored with purees of root vegetables, including sweet potatoes and regular potatoes.

Bullet With Butterscotch Wings.

"Smashing pumpkin-spice ice cream" as well as the snapped off, butterscotch-coated wings of real butterflies that had been lured to the Ben and Jerry's factory, then hopelessly trapped in butterscotch.

If It Wasn't For Date Grape.

An ill-advised flavor referencing Sublime's hit "Date Rape," it was date-flavored ice cream with grapes (actually raisins).

You Look Just Like Nutty Holly.

This Weezer-themed flavor consisted of an experimental flavorless and blue (like Weezer's first album cover) ice cream, as well as nuts and holly, which, technically, is poisonous.

Belly's Feed the Tree.

Pork belly-flavored ice cream and twigs.

Soul Asy-Rum's Rum-Away Train.

Rum-raisin ice cream and fudge-coated photos of missing children.

Cherry Garcia Special Edition.

After the Grateful Dead frontman and namesake of Ben and Jerry's first rock band flavor died from complications of type II diabetes in 1995, the company released a special Cherry Garcia. All the sugar was removed and replaced with Jerry Garcia's actual cremains.

Cinnamon and Sugary and Softly Broken Limes

Named after a lyric in the Butthole Surfers' 1996 single "Pepper," this had pepper-flavored ice cream with lime pieces, as well as swirls of cinnamon, sugar, and butthole.

Celebrity Skin.

Vanilla ice cream flecked with skin flakes of all the drummers Courtney Love had fired from Hole.

The Hook Brings You Back.

This Blues Traveler flavor reused the mysterious, illegal "blue" ice cream as a base, which held pieces of fudge shaped like hooks (as in the band's hit "Hook") as well as chocolate-covered pieces of real harmonica.

I'm Going Hungry

As Temple of the Dog was a one-off supergroup combining members of Soundgarden and Pearl Jam to raise money for the family of deceased Mother Love Bone singer Andrew Wood, Ben and Jerry's donated profits from I'm Going Hungry to the Andrew Wood Foundation. The cartons were empty.

Veruca Salt.

Just salt.