A few things you definitely shouldnt do ></h2>
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1. Grind on Me Vines:

Listen it's not that we're all not humping our floors to some Trey Songz, but you got to keep that stuff private. Also you're 13. Why do you have this app. Or an iPhone.


2. The Difference Between White People and Black People in Any Scenario, Ever:

We get it, white people are calm and laid-back and black people exude excitement like they just won the lottery. But If I see one more of these vines I'm going to do nothing about it and be slightly irritated.


3. (Insert demographic here) People Be Like:

Yes people be like. But that doesn't mean every single demographic of people should have their own personal vine displaying "how they be".


4. Girls singing:

You do realize vine is only 7 seconds right? Clearly not enough time to fit a whole song in there. Or even a chorus. If you must upload yourself bravely trying to sing Miley Cyrus's new hit single, there is this great up and coming website called "YouTube".



5. Vines that easily could have just been pictures:

It's not that I don't like your kid, it's just that...you know what I hate your kid. I know I'm supposed to think their cute because they came out of your body or whatever but the "miracle" of birth just doesn't make it socially acceptable to post 6 seconds of your boring kid being boring.