20 More NBC Shows Brilliantly Adapted From Public Domain Stuff

Hot off the heels of 'Grimm,' the highly-promoted 'Dracula,' and the Blackbeard-themed 'Crossbones,' NBC is adapting its entire 2014 programming schedule from other random public domain properties. Here's a sneak peek at what's in store for NBC next year:


New Hot Frankenstein


Robinson Crusoe: RECKONING


Mona Lisa: Gargoyle Doctor


Mummies? YEAHHHH Mummies


Bunyan & Babe: Sex-tectives


Camptown Races: 2090 A.D.


Mozart But Like Cool Mozart And He's Killin' Zombies


Shave And A Haircut, Two Bits: The Series


Romeo And Juliet But She's An Actual Angel And He's A Manticore


TextEdit Town


Moses Sings "Amazing Grace"


Codename APPLE$EED


Earth Photo From NASA.gov Discovers Atlantis


King Tut: Old West Sheriff In Modern Detroit


Fair-Use Youtube Walrus Watches 'The Blacklist'


That Old "Man With The Hook" Campfire Story But It's Captain Hook Uhoh Does Disney Own Him Better Not Risk It CANCELED


Copyright-Free Etchings of 19th Century Wildlife Compete In Some Way


Yo Show Show And A Bottle Of Rum


The 'Jack' Picture From Playing Cards Is Like Robin Hood Now Or Whatever And He Steals That Beck Song That Used To Come Free With Windows Media Player From The Rich And Gives It To The Poor. Also "Jingle Bells" Plays


Literally Just Color Bars Before And After Sunday Night Football