Quiz: Are You Addicted To Facebook

What's your favorite color?

(a) Grass Green

(b) Banana Yellow

(c) Notification Red.


What's your favorite outside activity?

(a) A good restaurant

(b) Hiking

(c) Checking in to wherever I am.


How did you celebrate your birthday this year?

(a) Had a party.

(b) Quiet night at home with my spouse.

(c) Read hundreds of greetings on my wall


What's your preferred pick up line?

(a) Do I know you from somewhere?

(b) Hi, I'm ___. Want to grab a drink sometime?

(c) Poke.


What was your reaction to the last question?

(a) All these lines are corny.

(b) That's good stuff, I should use one of those.

(c) Who pokes anymore?! Poking is so 2008.


How often do you change your profile picture?

(a) Once a year

(b) Only when my look drastically changes.

(c) Every time Snoop Dogg changes his name.


If you could save one item from your burning house, what would it be?

(a) Childhood Photo Album

(b) Antiques

(c) Whatever. It's all in the cloud.


Have you ever donated to charity?

(a) I donated hair to cancer patients.

(b) No, but if I'll ever get rich, I will.

(c) I gave someone life on Candy Crush Saga.


How would you describe your sex life?

(a) Ride the Lightning.

(b) Spank the Monkey.

(c) Bang With Friends.


What's your life's motto?

(a) Live each day to its fullest.

(b) Just do it.

(c) If this status gets a million likes, I'm getting pregnant!



If you answered mostly (a):

You're as average as a Facebook user can get. You probably check it a few times a day, have between 150-300 friends, and your newsfeed consists of the usual mix of Breaking Bad statuses, posts about how great the '90s were and some Instagram pictures of food. Careful- you're on your way to becoming one of those Facebook parents who upload pictures of their babies.

If you answered mostly (b):

You're the furthest thing from being a Facebook addict. In fact, you probably don't even have a Facebook account. To be honest, I don't think you have any friends at all. I bet you spend all your time alone at home, talking to yourself, instead of spending all your time alone at home talking to your computer like a normal person.

If you answered mostly (c):

You're addicted. Facebook is your obsession. You won't go anywhere if you can't stay connected. You're one of those people who goes on a date and spends most of the time looking at their phone. You probably have more "friends" than you can count, like your own statuses, and actually use the timeline option. I'd suggest trying to suspend your account for a week, but you've probably already stopped reading this to go on Facebook.


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