The Invention of the Food Truck

Alright guys, so I have this AMAZING idea. You ready? Ok, so I have been thinking, what if we took the restaurant -- and put it on wheels? Like our same restaurant, but in a van or better yet, some kind of truck!

What do you mean why? It will be so easy for everyone! How many times have you wished you could chase your food around? I mean personally, if I had a dime for every time I wished I was eating food from a large smoggy truck on the street, well, lets just say I would be a pretty wealthy man.

No, no, no, we aren't going to "park it in one spot all day" like a bunch of idiots. We are going to drive sporadically through out town. And also, we are not going to tell anyone where we are, ever. The whole thing is going to be advertised through word of mouth. We want to be an urban myth.

Trust me guys this is what the people want. All restaurants do nowadays is provide shelter and air conditioning or heat. What people want is something new, something fresh! They want to start waiting in long lines again! What ever happened to the good ole' days when people would line up for hours on end to get a nice meal?

And yes, we might run out of food before everyone eats, but that is the excitement! You never know if your lunch break is going to end up with you actually eating! People can finally break out of the monotony of their boring day-to-day lives. We are going to be breaking boundaries here people!

Hell no we will not hire a driver! We can just have Marco do it. He has proven to be an excellent dishwasher, so I have complete and total faith in him to drive a large truck with a lot of cargo.  I mean, naturally we are going to have to get him a driver's license first, but hey, one step at a time people.

Alright, so I think we are agreed then! I will get started on finding a truck so we can get this thing started. Oh, and before I forget! Our menu will be put on the side of the truck, but before we head out, lets make sure to scratch it up a bit so nobody can read it. Ok cool. Lets do this!