By doing simple experiments with beer and marijuana, Professor Amazing has been teaching college students about science for over four decades. All of Professor Amazing's experiments are simple and can be recreated at home with little effort.

Hey everybody! Professor Amazing here, and I'm really excited. Today we've got two experiments, so let's not waste any time and get right to it. First, we're going to be building the deadly yet seductive pressurized beer bong. Then, we're going to smoke pot using the sun with solar hits.

The Pressurized Beer Bong

Science has cured diseases, put man on the moon, and developed a worldwide information network – but how has it gotten us drunk lately?

Most beer bongs are merely an extra large straw you drink upside down. Why, that's more boring than reading a book! Thanks to science, anyone 5 bucks and some spare time can construct a beer bong that will literally fire the alcohol straight into you. Let's take a look at the project summary:

Project Time – An hour. Two if you don't know what a valve is.

What you'll need:
– Two plastic bottles. About a liter should do, but they must both be the same size.
– A bike pump, preferably one you can operate with just your hands.
– A funnel.
– Some tubing.
– A valve for the tubing. This will be your "GO!" switch.
– A valve stem. You know, the thingy on your bike tire that you can pump air into. They can be obtained at most bike shops and hardware stores for less than two dollars.
– A love of adventure. If you don't have one, substitute more beer.

The pressurized beer bong has a few advantages over the normal kind. Many scientists might agree that having liquids fired into you is a lot healthier than traditional drinking. It can also be filled and operated by only one person, which is a huge advantage for the on-the-go alcoholic who doesn't have time to drink three beers before class. Plus, the pressurization process will take most of the head off your beer. This phenomenon still stumps scientists. Above all though, drinking from a pressurized beer bong is just awesome. Don't take my word for it, click here to watch a pressurized beer bong in action.

Ready? Let's get started.

First, have a beer or three to relax. Now we're ready to play with scissors.

Cut the two bottles in half. Fuse the two tops together using epoxy, a liberal amount of duct tape, or your mind. Don't fuse the two bottoms together – you won't have any way to get beer in or out. It must be air tight.

Declare one end of your new Frankenstein-bottle the bottom. Attach some tubing to the bottom. Again, this connection must be air tight. You need to attach a valve to the bottom of the tubing. Finally, attach some more tubing to the valve.

Somehow, get the valve stem into a bottle cap. Get creative here. I recommend lots of cursing.

Guess what – we're ready to get drunk.

The first step to operating your pressurized beer bong is to close the valve. Then, using the funnel, fill the bottle monster about 3/4 of the way with beer. Now screw on the stemmed bottle cap. Hook up your bike pump and pump it full of air like it's a basketball shoe from the early 90's. Someone hops on the bottom, opens the valve, and prepares to drink from a fire hose. Repeat, repeat, puke, repeat.


As any stoner can tell you, fire is the coolest thing ever. So imagine how impressed they will be when you harness the power of the Earth's sun to smoke pot. Let's take a look and what we'll need to take solar hits.

Project Time – Like, what exactly is time anyway?

– A glass bowl.
– Drizzugs.
– A magnifying glass, or a nerdy kid's glasses.
– A sunny day you can afford to waste on getting high. If you are young you should have plenty of these.
– An outdoor area where you can, you know, do whatever!

If you're not stoned right now, the rest should seem pretty obvious. If you are stoned right now the rest should seem, like, really obvious. Just hold the magnifying glass up to focus the sun onto your bud until it starts to burn. Proceed as you usually would once your pot is on fire.

Using the sun as your lighter has many advantages outside of impressing your friends. You won't be inhaling any of the butane or other nasty chemicals in the lighter. It's also very efficient proccess. Since you're not just torching the bowl, your pot will last longer.

That's not science, Timmy; that's awesome!