Popular Childhood Arguments ResolvedThis argument was a popular one in elementary school, when your biggest concerns were hypothetical superhero fights. Those who sided with Superman were usually the more cheerful, imaginative kids, who wished they woke up with super powers that can make them strong and be able to fly. The Batman kids were the darker ones. children of divorce, who had given up on fantasies and decided, just like Bruce Wayne, to make their own destiny

Settling the Argument:

Sorry, cheerful kids- the sad children won this one. Brains and wealth proved more interesting to audiences than aliens already born with powers. The Batman movies were more successful this decade. So much that Batman has been called to save the Superman franchise in the next Man of Steel movie.



  Popular Childhood Arguments ResolvedSince kids don't really have anything going on in their lives, having a successful and impressive parent is the thing that defines them most. So who had a cooler dad? Was it the kid whose dad was a rich businessman or the one whose dad could kick everyone's ass? On the one hand, The business dad could buy and sell the bully dad. On the other, he probably shouldn't, since he could get his butt kicked.

Settling the Argument:

Probably neither dads are actually cool. The correct answer is the dad who's banging the teacher, but its not something the kids will be aware of.



Popular Childhood Arguments Resolved Recess. All the kids go out to play. One boy digs around the yard and finds a lost pog. While showing off his amazing find, another child claims it belongs to him, having lost it a few days earlier. So who's right in this situation? Is it finders keepers, or does the pog go to its original owner? This argument usually resolves itself with a fight, or with enough time passing so that no one is interested in stupid pogs anymore.

Settling the Argument:

Finders keepers for the win. If you were dumb enough to lose your stuff, you shouldn't have had them in the first place. Also, America was founded on finders keepers, so there's that.



Popular Childhood Arguments ResolvedMaybe the most disputed question among kids, as well as geeky comic book loving adults. If you could only pick one super power to possess, what would it be? The popular kids would often pick the "show off" superhero powers like super strength or speed, and using them to impress their friends and the world. The less popular, shy and imaginative kids would prefer the trickster powers, such as shapeshifting or mind control. These are more secretive powers that would be used to control their friends and make their wildest fantasies come true. Finally, there were always the annoying kids who would try and cheat by inventing greedy powers like "the power to possess all powers" or something lame like that.

Settling the Argument:

The trickster powers are winning this round. Granted, super strength and speed would always make a hero. But the hero is boring. They'll name the movie Thor but you know you're going to see it for Loki. The underdog, more emotional character is always more interesting than the buff, huge armed airhead.



Popular Childhood Arguments ResolvedEvery class would divide in two -- the boys against the girls. Each wanted to be known as the more superior sex. The girls would claim to be smarter, proving it with better grades and a calmer, more intelligent manner. The boys would say street smarts is more superior, and a good fight plan always beats understanding math and pretty handwriting. Who had it right though?


Settling the Argument: Obviously, this debate will never really be resolved. It continues to be an issue not only with kids, but with adults as well. But if we had to settle this, elementary school-wise, the winner would have to be the boy who took the girls' side and earned their respect, which proved an equally worthwhile strategy years later.