Two Face

4. Two Face


Batman characters reigned supreme this year, like past years, with three of the top ten costumes (sorry Joker!). Two-Face is by far your best option as a male to let ladies know that you're a decent looking guy, but that you also have a bad boy side to you. 



3. Airheads


If you were looking for the classic comedy trio of Fraser, Sandler, and Buscemi from the 1994 film you'd be sadly mistaken. The winner of our third place prize and $100 goes to this inventive invisible duo. In a contest usually dominated by pop culture references it's refreshing to see creative costumes based purely off the literal meaning of some really dated slang. Hat's off to you, Airheads!


Big Sister

2. Big Sister from BioShock 2


Think this was an easy build? Think again. It took two friends, a dad, and our second place winner of $200 to make this nightmare a reality. Sure it may have destroyed some friendships and a family, but just look how friggin badass this costume looks! Here's to hoping cash heals all wounds.


Jack Skellington

1. Jack Skellington


You really can't go wrong with a Tim Burton based Halloween costume, that is unless you go as Mark Wahlberg from the 2001 "Planet of the Apes" movie. But with three top ten winners this year coming from the mind of Tim Burton, you can't help but give credit where credit is due. Winning our coveted first place prize and $500, Jack Skellington has everything you could ask for in a Halloween costume: fright, nostalgia, and a bald head you can't help but drunkenly rub.