Hey guys, I'm back with another haul video. I was gonna stop doing these because it feels like I'm bragging, like, look at all this cool stuff I got and how cute I am and you guys aren't as cute as me. But then my fans commented that you guys really like watching them and I decided ultimately that that attention makes me feel really good about myself, and I AM really cute, so I'm doing another haul. EEEE get ready!

Today I wanted to get a bunch of warm pants for winter, so I ended up buying about 10 tops because I tried on one pair of jeans and they were the wrong size so I started to look for another and then got distracted by all the pretty shirts.

Here's the bag. It's my regular purse because I said I didn't need a bag because I felt bad about the environment and then regretted it because my purse was really heavy for the rest of the day.

I know it seems like I bought a lot but that's because I haven't been clothes shopping in like, WEEKS. Like, I NEEDED clothes. I know I have more resources and material assets than 99% of the world population, but I was literally deprived.

Okay so the first store I went to was Urban. I saw that they had a 40% off sale and the sale stuff was all ugly summer clothes ten sizes too big for me and I ended up buying a bunch of stuff that wasn't on sale at all.

I got this really cute going out top. I think I'm gonna tell myself I'll wear this with skinnies for like a nice dinner or a birthday party, and then it'll hang in my closet for years because I just wear t-shirts to parties cause I'm afraid to look like I'm trying too hard.

Then I got these super adorable flats. I LOVE buying flats. I buy a new pair every few months because even though I try them on in the store, 75% of the ones I buy end up being incredibly uncomfortable to wear for more than 5 minutes and give me huge blisters, so I throw them out in frustration and get new ones.

Then I got annoyed kind of tired and depressed that I couldn't afford so much stuff there so I just went to H&M and Forever 21 and got SO MUCH stuff that's SO cheap because they're made with really shitty material, in sweatshops. Like, these corduroys should've been like 80 bucks but they were $25.99 thanks to child labor. (brushing her shoulders off) Bargains! Also they have the CUTEST lining print that no one's ever gonna see so it might as well not be there! Ohmigod. Love it.

So right, then I was gonna look for jeans. But instead I just got four cardigans for some reason even though I have like 15 cardigans already and I don't really like wearing them. This one is kind of like a "tired mom picking up her kids from play rehearsal" look, like really matronly. Adorable.

Next I got this top. So obsessed with this right now. I know it looks a little weird like this but it actually looks really cute on, in the dressing room, with professional lighting and mirrors designed to make me look a lot skinnier than I actually am.

This next piece, I saw this amazing wool cashmere slouchy sweater and I was like oh my god i have to get it. and then i realized it was dry clean only so i bought another cardigan instead. Love it!

I saw a blazer that I loved and it looked amazing on, and it's great because I really need nice, high-quality items for work this winter. Like even if they cost a little more it's really an investment piece, you know? But then i saw that it was $160 and i got scared that I was going to spill something on it or leave it at a bar, so I bought a bunch of tank tops instead. I dont need tank tops at all but they were only $7.95 each. Seven. Ninety. Five. YAH.

What else, what else...Oh, okay, then I got this skirt, that I actually really love but will never wear because it's too cold out already to wear with bare legs but every time I wear tights they sag down in the crotch so it feels like I'm wearing a diaper and I have to constantly pull them up by reaching under my skirt so it looks like I'm pleasuring myself in public.

And that's everything, I think. So if you've been shopping recently, leave a video response that I don't actually want to watch but I'm saying this so you think I care about you as a human being instead of as fuel for my own ego. And don't forget to rate and subscribe and I'll be back soon with another video! Thanks for watching!