6. HERCULES aka "The Athlete"

This guy can do pretty much anything! He's strong, a good looking guy, and he's just...a good person. Normally, you'd want to beat the shit out of someone who flaunts how awesome they are at sports but this guy is just a great person. He's got a bunch of girls clawing at him, but he only has eyes for one girl. All that super human strength is not enough to win her over, but it's okay, he's still got his biceps!



7. GENIE aka "The Class Clown"

Who said that people were mature in college? This guy never misses an opportunity to make himself look like a complete asshat in public. He's always putting on voices and acting out, but everyone (even the professors) love him! You always look to him to make the best of out a difficult class or a difficult situation. Where would you be without him?


8. DODGER aka "The Liberal Arts Major"

He's just testing the waters and seeing what he likes to do, but for now he's like:



9. KRONK aka "The Theater Major"

He gets all the lead roles in the plays, and he even acts pretty dramatic when he's with his friends who are equally as dramatic. He's always making a huge production out of his life. He's the star, and we're all just the (very) minor characters.


10. MILO aka "The Genius"

There's no doubt in your mind this guy is going to go places. He was blessed with a brain, and he has no time for anything else but studying, studying, studying. He's a little awkward when it comes to the ladies, but who cares? Dude is gonna be loaded in about three years.