It's 2014, meaning your *favorite* brands are already posting (LEAKING! OMG!) their Super Bowl commercials online the week before the game. Which noteworthy ads have been watched the most so far? Here are the lot:


Most Likely to Unintentionally Support Competitors' Products: SODASTREAM
You'll finish this commercial remembering the names Pepsi, Coke, and Scarlett Johansson.


Most Annoying Use of Song: TOYOTA
Terry Crews and the Muppets go on a cross-country musical romp. If you dislike song, dance, or puppets, maybe sit this one out.


Most Cameos per Minute: JAGUAR
A commercial that promises you too can be an evil British villian (for the low price of a Jaguar car).


Weirdest Cultural Reference Mash-Up: KIA
The Matrix's Morpheus makes a rather out-of-character appearance as a car salesman and opera singer.


Best Use of Sarah McLachlan: AUDI
This commercial's got everything you could want: Mutant CGI dogs and a brief but self-parodying apperance by the voice of ASPCA. 


Most Reminiscent of Another Ad Campaign: VOLKSWAGEN
Red Bull may have the market down on products that give you wings, but this ad campaign has the corner for products that give you wings AND rainbow farts.


Sexiest Cattle: CHEVY
A sexy cowboy takes a sexy bull to field of sexy cows, but it's hard to figure out if this commercial is selling trucks or hamburgers.


Footballsiest: COCA-COLA
A kid makes a touchdown and runs from his school's football field endzone to the Green Bay Packers' stadium. You can almost hear the chants of "Run, Forrest, run!" from the commercial's pitch meeting.  


Most Inclusive of Inter-species Love: BUDWEISER
To continue with their tradition of Clydesdales, Budweiser brings us the beautifully disturbing romance of a puppy and a horse. Species aside, that puppy is WAY too young to be seeing that horse.


Most Controversial: CHEERIOS
Some time-travelers from the past might make a big deal out of the interracial family, but let's tackle the real issue of this commercial: using Cheerios to make big announcements. Imagine next year's ad when Dad and Gracie talk about deaths in the family ... by eating a bowl of cereal. 


Honorable Mention: NEWCASTLE
Newcastle has created a "Behind in the Scenes" series for their Super Bowl commercial ... except they don't actually have a commercial for the big day. The spoof series features Anna Kendrick badmouthing the company for her missed paycheck.