Point: The Beretta 92 9mm is the best handgun on the market.

Beretta has done it again with this fantastic new addition to their handgun lineup. The redesigned 92 is everything you could want in a full size pistol: a 10 round magazine, a comfortable 34.4 oz frame and a responsive action. The Italian design easily trumps anything Colt has put out in the last ten years and, though it is beautiful, efficiency is still the first priority. I worked through 200 rounds without a single misfire and, best of all, little to no kickback (making rapid fire a feasible possibility). I dare you to find another pistol that combines the responsiveness, beauty and seamless execution of the Beretta 92 9mm. It is easily the best handgun on the market.

Counterpoint: The Beretta 92 9mm is nothing special.

I completely disagree. In my opinion, the