Chapter Summaries: Exercises in Getting the Jist of It

Edited by: Cliff Noughtes

This riveting text is 345 pages of pure chapter summary splendor. Waste no more time flipping through countless pages in search of the meat of a chapter's information; every single page of this extensive work is stuffed to the gills with bite-size informational overviews.



Frantic Last-Minute Google Searches: Quick, Instant Answers for the Modern Age

By: The Internet; Edited by: Google

This handy anthology specializes in answering those burning questions you desperately seek before entering an exam you haven't studied for. Who are the narrators of Heart of Darkness? What is the formula for finding the volume of a cylinder? This text is as vast and infinite as the human mind, yet is shockingly convenient and portable.



An Introduction to Simeon's Notes (10th Edition)

By: Simeon Tramazzo, avid class note taker

It's finally here: an extensive anthology of Simeon Tramazzo's impeccable class notes. Not only do the notes exhibit resplendent penmanship, but additionally they showcase masterful use of highlighter and even effective utilization of side notes in the margins. This text is only available for rental, as Simeon really needs it back before heading home. 



Bold Words (5th Edition)

By: Skim Quickle

Quick and to the point, Bold Words is concerned with key phrases and terms, no filler. Don't know what the Keating-Owen Act is? Need a one sentence description of the Square Deal? You've come to the right place.



Test Answers sent via text from Your Boyfriend Nathan 

By: Nathan Messick 

This 283 page textbook is testament to just how sweet a guy Nathan is. Whether he is breaking down the multiple choice section or dishing about the short answers, Nathan provides an extensive library of text messages, proving that nothing, not even a sense of morality, can come between the two of you. 



By: Nobody