A few days ago this gem of an automobile showed up for sale on Craigslist in Phoenix. I'm sure the owner's email is already filling up with inquisitive buyers, but clearly there's a few questions that probably just aren't going to be answered in its Blue Book rating. 


Source: Reddit

To help out all the good people of Craigslist who may want to buy this car I've written down a few follow-up questions that were not answered in the ad.

Was this "child" you speak of conceived in the Subaru?

And if so was the car's audio system playing any music at the time of conception?

Do the seats recline or did you have to do it in the backseat?

Has your wife previously tried to put those "infurating stickers" on the car before?

Why so much time in 7-11 parking lots?

No AM/PM parking lots?

Is the car NASCAR certified for racing?

Which Indian tribe was buried in this burial ground?

Just how many spirits are trapped inside the car's water pump?

Have you had any contact with the spirits?

If you have had contact with the spirits would you describe them as the friendly kind like Casper or more the homicidal kind like the ones in Paranormal Activity?

Please send more pictures of the dents, including a colorful backstory of each dent's occurance. 

Stay posted, internet. Awaiting response.