1. AIM


  2. AIM

    You there?

  3. AIM

    I can see you're reading my messages.

  4. FB

    1 sec, chattin with a bunch of friends

  5. AIM

    Cool, on AIM?

  6. FB

    lol no

  7. FB


  8. AIM


  9. AIM

    The Instant Messaging Service I provide.

  10. FB

    oh yeah i forgot about that

  11. FB

    thanks for reminding me

  12. AIM

    No problem.

  13. FB

    been meaning to uninstall that

  14. AIM

    You're a dick.

  15. FB

    whoa man, bit aggressive

  16. AIM

    Don't you remember all the conversations and good times you had with me?

  17. FB

    yeah, I also remember tomagachi's

  18. FB

    but u don't see me playing with those

  19. FB

    although that actually sounds more appealing than using aim

  20. AIM

    Dude, you stole my idea.

  21. FB

    chatting with people's been around for a while, man

  22. AIM

    Why couldn't you let me have this?

  23. AIM

    You've already got so much.

  24. FB

    people got tired of u, wasn't my fault

  25. AIM

    You know you miss away messages.

  26. FB


  27. FB

    yeah kinda do actually, but thats not the point

  28. AIM

    You should read mine right now, it's really funny.

  29. FB

    nah, not gonna log in for that

  30. FB

    actually went to uninstall and found out don't even have it lol

  31. AIM

    Not funny.

  32. AIM

    I would've bolded that if I had the capability...

  33. FB


  34. FB

    good one

  35. FB

    and I'm being sarcastic btw

  36. FB

    does AIM have a mode for that?

  37. AIM


  38. AIM

    Come back. Please.

  39. FB

    nah man, it's over

  40. AIM

    I'll throw in a year of AOL free of charge.

  41. FB


  42. FB

    just stop

  43. FB

    i gotta go

  44. AIM

    You could be making a cool door slamming noise right now.

  45. FB

    dont message me any more

  46. AIM

    You're off my buddy list.

  47. FB