Which one do you think deserves whatever the opposite of an Oscar is?


1. Hercules in "DISAPPOINTED" 

Source: Zak Hawkins

2.  Kid With Glasses in "OH MY GOOOOOOOD" 

Source: Veovisjohn

3. Tommy Wiseau in "Oh Hi Mark" 

Source: trashwire

4. Matthew Broderick's Doppelganger in "Garbage Day" 

Source: rekingooo

5. Ryan O'Neal in "Oh Man, Oh GOD, Oh MAN!" 


6. Mortal Kombat Chick in "Too Bad" 

Source: silvergunner2

7. Creepy Man in "I Would If I Could, Bitch" 

Source: Savii One

8. Sylvester Stallone in "LAWWWWRrrr"

Source: KeegmasterFlux

9. Gina Gershon in "I Like Having Nice Tits"

Source: MSC2613

10. Gross Guy in "Seriously the Most Confusing Line in All of Cinema History"  

Source: Eebro0