Chill out everybody, it was all just a baaaaad mistake on the paper's part. There will be no apocalpytic war between humans and goats. 


Source: argus

Whew! Mankind really dodged a bullet this time, huh? I mean, cats or raccoons rising up to overthrow the human race, that I can totally see, but goats nobody would see coming. 

A few questions for this Argus reader and Mr. Robinson...

How are so many of your acquaintances being injured by goats?

How much time are these people spending at the petting zoo?

Are they buying feed pellets at the petting zoo for the goats or just showing up empty handed?

If there was a war of goats vs. humans, are sheep going to be involved? I think they most definitely would. 

Big horn sheep would be the generals in this goat army, right? Of course they would because they're so badass. 

Source: cheezburger

Would goat-related products like goat's cheese be outlawed?

And finally, if there was a man vs. goat WWIII would llamas be associated with the enemy as well? Because they seem just as untrustworthy as goats if not more. 


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