1. WOOOOOOoooo! You just finished work and it's the weekend, baby! PARTY TIME!!!!


2. Well, actually, party time is in 5 hours.


3. And you don't want to get there too early, so party time is really probably in more like 6 hours.


4. So...what now? Should you go home? If you go home you might fall asleep and forget to PARTY.


5. You should text people about grabbing dinner first! Perfect. Dinner's like its own chill MINI-party before the BIG PARTY.


6. Hmm. No response in the 10 seconds immediately after you sent that text.


7. What are you supposed to do, just sit here for MINUTES waiting for people to text you back? At WORK? On a FRIDAY NIGHT? When you're supposed to be FREE?


8. Screw it! Maybe you'll pound some brews at home? Who knows! It's your party castle!


9. Arrive home and see a bunch of missed texts about meeting up in a place that's incredibly inconvenient now that you're home. Whatever. You'll see your friends at the party later on.


10. Well, here you are on the couch. This is great. Go ahead and order some food so you're nice and full for the party (gotta get your stomach ready for all that hard liquor you'll be drinking!), and then you'll enjoy a few hours of relaxing "you time".


11. "You time" is sort of boring.


12. You kinda wish it was time to head out for the night already. You're gonna waste all your charismatic party energy on sitting around your house.


13. This is crazy. Aren't you constantly wishing all week long that you had more free time? This is it! Here it is! Uninterrupted free time! And you're BORED? What are you going to do for the next TWO DAYS if you're literally two hours into the weekend and already bored?


14. You could catch up on this week's TV shows. But you kind of have a feeling that if you start watching TV, you'll want to go to sleep.


15. Internet? But you were on the Internet all day at work.


16. You could...read?


17. Pfffff. You can't READ on a FRIDAY NIGHT. This is a PARTY NIGHT! Who could possibly focus on READING?


18. Beer! You could have a beer! Yes. Kickin' back with a cold one. That's what it's all about. Friday night.


18. That beer made you a little sleepy.


19. No. Don't do it. Only two hours till it's an acceptable time to leave for the party. Don't give in now.


20. Okay, fine, you'll watch TV, because apparently that's the only activity you actually enjoy, which is a serious problem that you will deal with some other time. Here we go, Hulu episodes of Bob's Burgers!


21. You wake up. It's 2:30 AM. Shit.