On April Fools, there's no one more deserving of a good, old-fashioned prank than your smug asshole of a cat. These pranks should help take him down a peg.

1. The Classic Sneak Attack

It's quick, it's simple, and it gets the job done. (The job being to spook the hell out of your jerk of a cat.)

And, if you want to make your prank extra terrifying for Mr. Catface, include a decoy:


2. The Ol' Saran Slam

Is your dumb cat always running into rooms like it owns the place? Well then, this is the prank for you.

3. The Big Fish in a Small House

Remind that dope that he's just a tiny cat.

But you don't even need to put in that much work to prank your moron feline friend. You can really get his goat just by:

4. Getting Out of a Pool

5. Making Toast

6. Leaving Out a Can of Soda


7. Showing It Its Own Stupid Face



8. Balloons

9. Reminding It that Lizards Exist


10. Record Your Cat Getting Prank So His Shame Can Live on Forever in the Form of a .Gif