1. Pearl Jam - "Do the Evolution"

In 1998, Pearl Jam introduced an entire generation to the concept of an existential crisis with "Do the Evolution," a music video that featured an animated depiction of pretty much every horror mankind has ever inflicted upon itself, from slavery, to nukes, to little men being poured into a bowl and getting mauled by an enormous dog. There's some future horrors in there too, like tentacle robots, babies being branded with bar codes, and other situations prophesied in Arnold Swartzenegger movies. The video also notably features a dancing woman turning into a skeleton in a manner that can only be described as unsettlingly sexy.
Most Disturbing 10 Seconds: 2:38 - 2:48

2. Death in Vegas - "Dirt"

So far as I know, Death in Vegas is a band that existed for the amount of time it took to record one song and make one video that plays like a series of angsty student art films smushed together with an exponentially heightened creep factor. Kudos to the director for discovering that the only thing more disturbing than a little girl petting a goat in slow motion to trippy cut-and-paste electronic music is that same girl being confronted by a six-armed military guy with vampire teeth.
Most Disturbing 10 Seconds: 1:06 - 1:16

3. Aerosmith - "Pink"

Steven Tyler, in general, isn't a picnic to look at. So superimpose his head on a little kid wearing overalls and bunny ears, and you have a kind of disturbing that try-hards like Marilyn Manson can only dream of. However, the video did teach me the important lesson that while advances in technology can lead to great things like Nintendo 64, they can also lead to the troubling cognitive dissonance associated with being thirteen and seeing a member of Aerosmith with lady boobs.
Most Disturbing 10 Seconds: 3:36 - 3:46

4. God Lives Underwater - "From Your Mouth"

Like a Pixies album or a Coen Brothers movie, this one's a grower. While not terribly disturbing on first watch, "From Your Mouth"'s orgy of backwards eating is the kind of stuff I imagine they show prisoners of war on repeat. Also, what's up with the ending? Is this the story of one underachieving industrial rock band's attempt to hold a backwards eating X-man captive for their twisted amusement?
Most Disturbing 10 Seconds: 2:25 - 2:35

5. Alice in Chains - "I Stay Away"

In addition to having a lead singer with the amazing talent of sounding like two people at the same time, Alice in Chains also provided the world with some truly bizarre music videos. "I Stay Away" hits with two centerpieces of childhood uneasiness: dark carnivals and animal attacks. If you missed this one and for whatever reason have always wanted to watch a lion maul a dude or clowns strangle each other in stop motion, here's your chance, kiddos.
Most Disturbing 10 Seconds: 1:32-1:42

6. Tool - "Stinkfist"

While I remember finding most of Tool's Salad Fingers-y nineties videos pretty neato, "Stinkfist," with it's live-action deformed sand people and human/maggot hybrids, was a bit too much for my feeble young mind to process. Throughout the video, terrible things happen to these lovable androgynoids. They're unplugged from the wall and die. Their heads explode, melt, cave in, and become banana shaped. Also, someone puts their thumb up an eyelid. Ew! It's all enough to make you wonder what these creatures did to deserve this kind of shabby treatment. Or what, exactly, a "stinkfist" is.
Most Disturbing 10 Seconds: 2:55 - 3:05 

7. Aphex Twin - "Donkey Rhubarb"

Like most Aphex Twin videos, Donkey Rhubarb plays out like a nightmare crossbred with an acid trip in a lab run by Jeff Goldblum circa 1986. Aphex Twin superimposes his demonic face onto Telettubby-esque bears and has them dry hump the air, prance around, and scar the young minds of all the children within ear and eyeshot. (The kids look pretty happy in the video, but I'll go ahead and assume they're all currently leading very damaged lives.)
Most Disturbing 10 Seconds: 0:35 - 0:45