I really appreciate the offer, but I'll have to politely get the fuck out of here.


1. Come check out this meat department! undefined

source: muckraker62


2. Wanna open this Ass Cancer box? undefined

source: Arminium


3. RedTube Social Networking!undefined 

source: profk76


4. What is Baby Elmo hiding?

undefined source: NerdCage


5. Cum on in, partner!undefined

source: reddit_then_blewit


6. Kid has ballsy shirt undefined

source: WriteThing


7. Have the best birthday evar!


source: unpajarito


8. I think this truck is hitting on me..undefined

source: dat_rhythm


9. Try it before you buy it: Toilets?

source: skeezo


10. Try the brown one! undefined

source: frikko


11. Respect my privacy, Home Depot


source: Se7en_Sinner


12. I think I'll stick with the Original flavor, Cadbury?


source: Tozzaa 


13. I don't think this one's a sandwich

source: Adamskinater


14. Newspaper is actually Chris Hansen in disguise

source: Arkazex


15. This gas station has no competition, so...

source: Kulabob


16. Vasectomy doctor will be gentle, promise

source: ytrageh