It's a dog-help-dog world out there.

1. Cat shares treats off the counter

source: jdk


2. Cat swings hammock

source: InvincibIe


3. The dog ferry

source: 1Voice1Life


4. Cat opens door

source: room23


5. Panda helps another panda up

 source: LucheK


6. Horsey shares hay

source: RoseOfSharonCassidy


7. Cat helps stuck dog!


source: 1Voice1Life


8. Poochie opens door


 source: InvincibIe


9. Cat grabs treat for dog

source: KingJeremy


10. Dog rescues puppy out of pool

source: InvincibIe


11. Crow feeds cat and dog

source: mash_me


12. Turtle assists flipped-over turtle


source: FartQuotes


13. Doggie team wins push car race


source: TheFost