1. Did you ever know that an R/C Car could jump over a house? Nor did I, friend. Nor did I.
  2. If these were a bunch of guys it'd be pretty disgusting. As it is, this is the hottest waking people up prank I have ever seen.
  3. This enormous snow drawing of Mario is really impressive. I imagine that after the made this, these guys spent the rest of the night protecting it from people.
  4. I'm pretty sure that if I moved to Japan I could have a pretty lucrative career making Coke commercials.
  5. I don't need to try to make you click this: The top ten hottest lesbian movie scenes ever.

Awesome Updates

Tim (kind of) talks about Africa.
Sorry, Kev. Just doing our job.

Pic of the Day
The father in the second row is going to be disappointed when he sees how the picture came out.

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