The Internet loves imagining Disney Princesses in other fantasy universes -- Star Wars, the Marvel Universe, Doctor Who, and, yes, Game of Thrones. But what if the beloved animated Princesses actually were on Game of Thrones?The real question isn't who they would be or what they would do in Westeros, it's "how long they would survive before getting axed by the trigger-happy George R.R. Martin?"

In honor of the Season 5 Premier, we've taken a good, hard look at the pantheon of Disney Princesses, and estimated how long they could stick it on the show before getting Ned Stark'd:

1. Snow White


A beautiful and charming young girl raised in a hut in the wilds outside King's Landing, Snow White strikes up an unlikely friendship with the dwarf Tyrion Lannister, whom she meets by happenstance when she ventures into the city to buy apples. The unlikely couple share in a number of fun and wholesome adventures before she is tragically mistaken for 'another one of Tyrion's whores' and is brutally stabbed to death on the orders of the tyrannical Lannister patriarch Tywin.


ULTIMATE FATE: Mistaken for whore, murdered on the orders of Tywin Lannister


2. Pocahontas


The headstrong daughter of the chief of a tribe of wildlings, Pocahontas lives a quiet life in the wilderness north of the wall, until she falls in love with a kind-hearted brother of the Night's Watch whom she stumbles across by accident in the woods. Realizing that love can overcome the petty dispute between the Wildlings and the Night's Watch, Pocahontas attempts to prevent any more bloodshed from happening, throwing herself in the midst of the fighting in a heroic gesture of self-sacrifice. Unfortunately, things don't pan out like she hoped, and she is ignominiously shot through the heart by the Night's Watch elevator boy.


ULTIMATE FATE: Killed by Night's Watch


3. Ariel


The mermaid Ariel lives a quiet life in the ocean, where her father, The Drowned God, rules. However, her insatiable curiosity leads her to cut a deal with the witch Ursula, trading legs for the promise of marrying one of Ursula's many sons. However, once on land, Ariel meets a handsome young prince, and forgetting her promise to Ursula, falls in love and marries him. At the feast following their happy marriage, out of nowhere, she feels a heavy gloved hand grasp her shoulder and voice whisper in her ear, "Ursula sends her regards"


ULTIMATE FATE: Murdered at own wedding


4. Rapunzel


Raised in a tower in Winterfell as a ward of Ned Stark, Rapunzel is renowned throughout the North for her lustrous hair and beautiful singing voice. But one day, she returns from one of her many climbs around the parapets of Winterfell to find her tower has been appropriated by two blonde-haired strangers who strangely seem to be wrestling with each other naked. The tall, handsome blonde stranger approaches her, says, "The things I do for love", and pushes her out the window.


ULTIMATE FATE: Thrown to her death by Jaime Lannister


5. Jasmine


Jasmine, daughter of the sultan of Yunkai, is tired of being forced to live a cloistered life in her father's palace. One day, she sneaks out and comes across a dashingly handsome young man in shabby clothes, who then viciously stabs her to death, as Daenerys' army of Unsullied invade the city.


ULTIMATE FATE: Murdered by vengeful slaves


6. Mulan


When Mulan's sickly father is called up to serve in Stannis Baratheon's army, she bravely takes his place, disguising herself as a man and helping to turn a ragtag group of misfits into formidable soldiers, who all die horribly in a massive explosion of wildfire at the Battle of the Blackwater.


ULTIMATE FATE: Dies in the Battle of the Blackwater

7. Aurora


Aurora, a lady-in-waiting in Winterfell, is afflicted by a terrible curse that causes her fall into a deep sleep if she pricks her finger. However, Sleeping Beauty manages to avoid this fate, due to the lack of spinning wheels in Game of Thrones, but also because one day the gentle giant Hodor mistakes her for a couch and accidentally sits on her. He feels very "Hodor" about it, but Aurora kicks it before she can even make it on screen.

LENGTH OF SURVIVAL: Thirty seconds?

ULTIMATE FATE: Sat on by Hodor


8. Elsa


Not much is heard of the mysterious Elsa, who most think to be a myth from children's tales, but as the icy White Walkers start their march southward, who else can be responsible? After all, Winter is Coming...

LENGTH OF SURVIVAL: Still at large.

ULTIMATE FATE: Queen of the White Walkers