Reddit's r/instant_regret is full of GIFs, videos and images of people and animals instantly feeling the wrath of their poor decision. There's a lesson to be found in that second of regret between "Hey, l'll try this" and "Oh shit." Usually it's don't be a showy asshole OR make sure that thing isn't electric.


1. "Free lunch! ...Shit."


2. And this is how his John discovered the wrong way to high five somebody.

3. "Oops, better put that wiper down." Aaaaand somebody is now buying a new car door.

4. It looked so much more adorable in her mind. 

5. Somebody just learned a valuable lesson: don't be an asshole. 

6. I'm sure he'll find it. Diamonds are really sparkly. 

7. You can literally see his facial expression of the painful event about to unfold. 

8. "It's cool, it's off" *ELECTRIC SHOCK, SHITS PANTS*


9. Luckily, there's this GIF to remind him of his poor decision after he wakes up. 


10. He should have taken that TLC song's advice. 

11. "Lemme just unscrew this cap... Oh god, make it stop!"

12.  Nothing equals instant regret more than projectile diarrhea.