Hollywood wants you to believe that the possibility of apes taking over the planet is only the stuff of make believe -- LIES! Apes and monkeys are slowly plotting to enslave the human race, and it's time we recognize the signs before we're forced into a life of serving our ape overlords.  

I think the evidence speaks for itself...

1. They're learning to ride segways! It's only a matter of time before they take all the mall security jobs from honest, hardworking humans. 

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2. Um, hello? Teach one ape karate and before you know it they ALL know karate. 

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3. Apes are apparently boating enthusiasts now. Great, there goes your enjoyment of an ape-free yacht club. 


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4. "OMG, somebody help that little girl surrounded by dangerous traffic!" Wait, nope, just a monkey in disguise. 

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5. Can you really trust a chimp that is foolish enough to take up smoking? The answer is "NO." 

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6. When Mr. Bojangles wants you to dance, you dance, dammit!

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7. Okay, to be honest, I'm not really sure how a chimp playing the xylophone is a threat to the future of mankind. I bet it sounds terrible though. 

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8. Terriffic, now we'll have to deal with roaming gangs of chimp skateboard punks. 

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9. Apes clearly have no regard for common courtesy with their "fuck you" attitude.

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10. On second thought, there's probably nothing to worry about. 

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