5. Showing Up at Their House Without Calling

If anyone did this in the real world, it would be insanely weird and off-putting. And if they did, you wouldn't have a dramatic reconciliation. You'd have, at best, an awkward convo peppered with comments like, "I can't believe you just...CAME OVER. I mean, no, it's fine. Really, I wasn't doing anything. Come in, I guess?"

Even if they're not answering your calls and you NEED to see them in person to explain a terrible misunderstanding, it takes like, 10 seconds MOST to shoot them a text that's like "hey i'm gonna stop by later." You don't even need to wait for a response. A heads-up would just be a nice courtesy, is all.


6. Showing Up Soaking Wet Anywhere


Jesus, get a hold of yourself. You're dripping water everywhere. And you've probably caught a cold, and that means now you're going to give the person you're about to kiss that same cold, which is very inconsiderate. Buy an umbrella. NEXT!


7. Confessing Your Love When You're Still Dating Someone Else


Yeah yeah, someone's leaving the country and it's someone else's mom's funeral and blah blah blah. The timing is never ever going to be delicate enough to justify confessing your love to one person while you're still dating another. Break up with your significant other first and THEN tell your hot babe work rival that you can't stop thinking about them, idiot. They'll probably still reject you because you're a dumbass who only wants what you can't have, but at least you'll know you conducted yourself in a way that won't make someone you once loved feel like hot garbage.


8. Inconveniencing the General Population With Your Love

It's sweet in movies when characters make bold statements of love at a sporting event or in a publication that a LOT OF OTHER PEOPLE other than their singular beloved are trying to enjoy. In reality, this is crazy town. We aren't going to hold up the Big Game so you can get a smooch or watch the dirtbag who cheated on you sing his way back into your heart. Make your grand gesture on your own time, okay? People's families are here. IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT YOU. GOD.