Unless you're brand new to the internet (and also life), you know that animals are sometimes jerks. When it happens to tiny humans? It's kind of hilarious. Without further ado, animals being buttholes to kids:


1) If something HAD to sit on my face, I'd want it to be this guy. 


Source: Imgur

2) This dog, contrary to popular dog-lore, hates balls.

3) Llama / alpaca thing doesn't know how to pace himself.


4) This cat has vowed to end the laughter and joy of all children.



6) What's more disturbing: this giraffe that enjoys feeding upon the supple flesh of infants, or this mom that's WAY too cool with it?


Source: Smilepost

7) Casual monkey


8) These jerk huskies mocking a baby who's simply trying his best


Source: PBH2

9) This dolphin who probably just wanted a friend


Source: RuntoftheWeb


10) In retrospect, the parents who took this picture instead of helping thier crying child are probably bigger dicks than the cat.


Source: RuntoftheWeb

11) This goat hates... spools

12) That's what you get for trying to pick up litter; a monkey-kick right in the mouth


13) The kid's being more good natured about this than I would. You take my grilled cheese, you get punched in the snout.

Source: ebaumsworld


14) Another #hero dog saving a child from the dangers of the internet


Source: Mashable

15) The most adorable lil drop-kick ever

16) The most adorable lil drop kick ever part 2: the spinal injury!

17) This kid does not get how awesome this is.


Source: Pikabu

18) This one neither


Source: forwallpaper

To end on a nice note, here's a kid who TOTALLY gets how awesome it is.


Source: vpfunworld