6. What's the Deal With Mandela?


On what level does Kat's best friend Mandela think that she is actually dating William Shakespeare? If she knows it's Michael who asks her to the prom, why is she asking people if they've seen "William"? On the other hand, if she actually thinks that her prom date is Shakespeare, wouldn't she be more bummed to realize that it's just some dude she had one conversation with? This character is fascinating and the fact that the whole movie is not about her is a grievous oversight.


7. How Does Joey Know to Blame Cameron?

At the prom, Joey shoves Michael aside to confront Cameron for tricking him into hiring Patrick. But Joey shouldn't actually know that Cameron was involved at all. His only dealings have been with Michael, and as far as he knows Cameron is just some guy Bianca happened to go to prom with. If he's going to get mad at anyone, it should be Michael. Or, you know, himself for being a gigantic buffoon.


8. Kat's Sonnet Is Not in Any Way a Sonnet


The assignment given by cool rapping teacher Mr. Morgan is for each student to write their own version of Sonnet 141. Kat writes a nice little poem which yes, is thematically a response to Shakespeare's, but it is not 14 lines long, does not follow either a Petrarchan or a typical Shakespearean rhyme scheme, and does not even APPROACH iambic pentameter. Then after reading it aloud, she scurries out of the classroom in tears, obviously having just realized how bad she sucks at poetry.




Was this a 90s thing? Did this just happen sometimes, where bands would play concerts on really really high-up rooftops that couldn't possibly be heard from ground level? Does anyone in the quad even know they're there, because they don't seem to? Or is this like a filmic device where only the audience can see them? If so, what?


10. Does Ms. Perky Ever Publish Her Erotic Novel?