Sonic the Hedgehog may be the fastest thing alive, but even he knows that there's one thing you can never outrun: Eternal Damnation. Unfortunately, the blue blur and his friends are too busy keeping the world safe from the evil Dr. Robotnik to properly preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ; which is where these talented Internet artists come in. With their help, the world can finally know just how "way past cool" God's Love truly is.


1. Before finding Jesus, Sonic was like a chili dog without the chili. 


Source: Know Your Meme


2. But then he found something brighter than any power ring.



3. It's a lot easier to keep running when the goal you're heading towards is Eternal Salvation.

undefined Source: RedKnight33 on DevaiantArt


4. Sonic might be #blessed, but he never forgets those who aren't, which is why he supports our Troops NO MATTER WHAT.

undefined Source: Called1-for-Jesus on Deviantart


5. But sometimes, even the Speedy Needler himself gets a little 'down in the dumps.' 

undefined Source: GodsSonicGirl on Deviantart


6. But when the going gets tough, the tough start praying :)

undefined Source: xX-yaoistormer-Xx on DeviantArt


7. Even troublemakers like Shadow (also The Hedgehog) know that! 

undefined  Source: ChakotayDgryphon on DeviantArt


8. Just remember that even if you're a gun-toting, anthropomrophic cartoon hedgehog, God has a plan for YOU.


Source: ChristianCosmo on DeviantArt


9. Because believe it or not, WE'RE His greatest masterpiece!

undefined Source: ScoreseZoe on DeviantArt


10. Happy Easter Everyone!!!!! 



Special thanks to our friends in fellowship over at SonicRetro.Org for helping to spread the message of His Glory.