Fetch is a great game to play, not only because it gives the dog a physical outlet to release all the energy bundled up inside, but because it fulfills our need to control and command subservience... ah, sweet obedience. Until it all goes wrong -- the dog starts getting its own bright ideas about what to fetch... "human's gonna love this, I just know it!" Thanks, pup! Go put it back.


1. This Dog Brings a Bra

source: ThePeanutBuddha


2. This Dog Brings a Dead Squirrel Carcass


source: Merck577


3. This Dog Brings a Cat


source: letstalkabout


4. This Dog Brings His Own Leg

source: methel


5. This Dog Goes For the Gold


source: KAPAK13


6. This Dog Uses His Head to Catch the Frisbee


source: IamOptimusPrime