There are thousands of Instagram accounts with pictures of adorable dogs, but what if you also want the occasional hand grenade photo? Well, my friends, the TSA has you covered. First off, let's just take a moment to ponder how bizarre it is that the TSA has an Instagram account...

Okay, as I was saying, their Instagram account goes a bit something like this: dog, knife, dog, gun, ninja throwing star, dog, grenade, etc. Enjoy!

1. Aww

2. Holy shit! Are those real?!

3. So cute!

4. In the name of all that is holy, what is our world coming to?!

5. Those eyes :)

6. Yikes!

7. Want to pet soooo bad. 

8. A mace gun? Seriously???

9. Please, just a quick pet?

10. This is what your fellow passenger is packing. 

11. If the terrorists win, this lil guy is out of a job. 

12. WTF?!

13. Dammit, I must give that dog a belly rub. 

14. ...And more terrifying weapons found in carry-on bags. 

15. More dogs, less scary shit, TSA.