All is right in the TV universe for Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are business partners once again! Only now they're in a slightly more legal business and have opened up a classy pawn shop. The video is a promo for the Emmys and features Julia Louis-Dreyfus trying to pawn off her "Tinkerbell volleyball" trophy, only to be turned away because the award is for the less than desirable category of best supporting actress. 

Source: televisionacademy

It might only be a promo video that doubles as a thinly veiled ad for Audi, but dammit if I don't want this to be a real TV show. (I don't care how many seasons of Walking Dead take the hit, make this happen, AMC!) The only thing missing is an appearance by Bob Odenkirk trying to unload some completely legitimate and not at all drug-tainted chemistry equipment. Until Better Call Saul arrives this six-minute dose of Breaking Bad nostalgia will have to do.