We sometimes forget that all animals are total weirdos who like to chase lights around at the expense of their own safety -- not just cats! So, here are a few of our furry / scaly / feathery friends trying their hardest to figure out what that little red nusaince is, and annhialite it once and for all. 

It's mostly cats. 


1) A loyal dog protecting... dat ass. Good boy.

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2) Possibly the only time a praying mantis has looked even remotely cute.

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3) That's right, you tell that dot 'no'

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4) Cat-bowling: America's new favorite pastime.

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5) Dory's soul mate

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6) Future master ping-pong champion.

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7) These chickens are having an EGGcellent time with this laser!

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8) He's obviously having too much fun to respect personal space.

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