Ok -- this isn't going to be as helpful as you hoped. It's also a bit misogynistic. But that's old school, and chicks dig old school... right? I dunno man, try your luck and tell me if this works. Please. Get back to me.


1. The classic couch rollover

Source: PsychoMonkey42


2. The Macgyver

Source: LillyJB


3. This terrible pickup line from Nick Offerman

Source: Logomakesmeproud


4. The cigarette steal

Source: Ze-skywalker


5. The "accidental" boob grab

Source: ThyDoctor


6. The Captain Kirk KO

Source: Brad Sucks


7. The Plastic Man wrap-around (*powers necessary)

Source: The Weird Wide Web


8. The instant "Notebook"

Source: Staurt Edge


9. The Shark Attack 3 Hail Mary

Source: Minenerd


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