You'll see many different types of dogs your first semester on campus, but these are some of the regulars found at nearly every dog park university. 


1. The philosopher: he's well-read and can go on for hours about any philosophy under the sun, but he can also be a bit draining if you get trapped in a conversation with him at a party. 


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2. The artist: you'll likely spot this dog snapping photos of plastic bags blowing in the wind or other "really deep" shit around campus. He's also the one posting flyers in the mess hall that read "nude models wanted for artistic paintings."


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3. The socially conscious dog: this dog is all about fighting the powers that be and has a new cause to campaign for every other week. His heart's in the right place, but be prepared to sacrifice your weekends for the good of the cause. 


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4. The Dog DJ: he's got a laptop with iTunes and Garage Band. Nuff said. 


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5. The frat bro dog: This dog surrounds himself with his bros and might come off a bit douchey in some aspects, but his parties are pretty fun and there's always lots of bitches (female dogs of course).



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6. The stoner dog: high all the time and probably has constant cool ranch Doritos breath. 


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7. The overly studious dog: he practically lives in the library and can be a bit of a bore, but come exam time you'll want to be on his good side if you expect him to share his lecture notes. 



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8. The hipster: this dog brags about sniffing butts way before sniffing butts became mainstream. He also only eats artisan vegan-friendly dog treats. 



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9. The jock: you'll see this dog on the first day of class and that's about it. He's in college to play ball and hopefully catch the eye of a scout so he can and go pro and finally win his old man's love. 


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10. The party animal: this dog is fun on a Friday night, but don't follow his lead on a Tuesday evening before midterms. Enjoy his presence while he's around, because you won't be seeing him next semester. 





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