No flying cars or hoverboards, but we do have new umbrella technology!

1. Wearable mouse


A wearable mouse is pretty cool in concept, but good luck keeping it clean when that late night internet porn sesh creeps around. 

Source: gajitz

2. No blind spots rearview mirror


Cops and race car drivers have been using these for years, my only question is: WHY AREN'T THESE IN EVERY CAR BEING MADE?!!

Source: hammacher

3. Drunk person's keyhole


The designer of this keyhole would probably tell you it was made for "the convenience of a society that's always on the go" or some other bs. We all know why this keyhole was really invented though -- $2 shot night at The Drunken Scotsman. 

Source: geekologie

4. Digi ink scanner pen




I'm not an illustrator, but if I was, holy crap this pen would be at the top of my Christmas list!

Source: tech0literati

5. Spokeless bicycle



Finally, a bicycle that's immune to random sticks popping up into my spokes. Goodbye forever, head concussions! 

Source: weburbanist

6. Ferris wheel bike rack 


I gotta admit, this thing is pretty cool looking and I've always wanted to send my bike on a fun carnival ride. I just envision it breaking and my bike being stuck at the top, OR somebody hooking a bunch of babies onto it to make a baby ferris wheel. Yeah, it's only a matter of time before a baby ferris wheel incident happens. 

Source: concreteplayground