1. Decide that you are tired of spending so many nice weekends binge watching "Game of Thrones" in your bedroom with the curtains closed and that it is time to get out and actually do something and experience sunlight for once. Plus, you only have, like, two episodes of season four left, so you need to figure something out unless you just want to watch "Breaking Bad" for the third time.

2. Pick a two-day recreational activity taking place a few months from now that has always seemed fun to you but that you had never felt motivated enough to plan before. Email all of your friends who you think might be at least somewhat interested in the hopes that one of them will say yes and just put together the whole trip themselves because, to be honest, you still don't feel that motivated to plan anything.

3. Do not include Todd on the email chain because...well, you know. That thing in Ocean City. You don't want a repeat of that.

4. Receive several vague expressions of interest from your friends, none of which actually commit to doing anything but rather just express general approval about the concept of doing something.

5. Repeat step 4 for about five or six days. Include the occasional inside joke or off-topic conversation to liven things up when you are bored at work.

6. Reluctantly accept the fact that, as the person who started the email chain, your friends are all assuming you are the one in charge of this activity. Send an email reminding them that the event is only about a week away now, so you need to know who is coming. Gratuitously sprinkle jokes throughout this email in a desperate attempt to avoid sounding authoritarian and not fun.

7. Enjoy the silence as an entire day passes without a reply. Resist the urge to send a passive aggressive follow-up email about how people seemed much more eager to talk when the thread focused on the faults inherent in Mike and Julie's relationship.

8. Receive a definite "yes" from one of your friends. This should be followed almost immediately by several more as the fear of missing out on something if you go gradually becomes overwhelmed by the fear of missing out on something if you stay.

9. Oh, damn it, Todd found out.

10. Who the fuck told Todd?

11. Apologize profusely to Todd. Explain that he is obviously invited and that not including him on the email chain was simply a mistake, one which had nothing to do with this Ocean City incident he keeps mentioning. Honestly, you're not even sure what he's referring to.

12. Realize you now have to try coordinating rides to the event and housing once you arrive. Become overwhelmed and contemplate moving back in with your parents.

13. Remind yourself how often your aging father would try to make you help him with yard work if you came home. Man up and send out an email asking who has a car. 

14. Of course Todd has a car. Well, I guess he has to come now.

15. Seriously, who the fuck told Todd about this?

16. Convince one of your friends who you bought a candy bar for in 7th grade to call and book a hotel room for everyone. Feel a sense of accomplishment entirely out of proportion to the magnitude of what you actually did.

17. The night before the getaway, send a reminder email to your friends, and celebrate your amazing planning skills with a drink or two.

18. Maybe a few more.

19. ...

20. Oh...oh...oww. My head.

21. Fuck, what time is it?

22. 11:30? Well, Todd left an hour an a half ago. That fucker always leaves on time. Oh well.

23. Put on the first episode of "Breaking Bad." Accept the fact that this is kind of what you wanted to do all along.