Most sports uniforms look a bit stupid. They're either too tight, too short, and almost always have random stripes and strange color patterns. Sometimes they also make it look like your junk is exposed for all the world to see. Below are the new uniforms of the Colombian women's cycling team, who are currently biking their way across Europe and leaving a spectators asking "dafuq?" 

Being that the photos made their way to Twitter, people instantly started crying that somebody please think of the children and cycling representatives were forced to take action and declare the uniforms "unacceptable by any standard of decency."

The men's uniforms aren't much better, but really, compared to the other uniform atrocities in sports, the uniforms of the women's cycling team aren't that terrible. 

1. The men's cycling style. 


Source:  metrouk

3. If Hello Kitty joined up with Ed Hardy to make rugby uniforms. 


Source: retroonerugby

3. The 1970s, a decade that Vancouver Canucks fans are still trying to forget. 


Source:  photobucket

5. I'm hoping this was for Halloween or some type of fundraiser. That's really the only excuse for a hockey jersey that looks like a pirate shirt.


Source:  pusehoki

6. Camouflage, you know, because that's something one needs while playing professional basketball.   


Source:  atoshamcaw

7. Those Colombian women's cycling uniforms don't seem so bad now, huh?


Source:  nydailynews

8. It looks like a neon ranibow vomited on his jersey.  


Source: thegoalkeeperco

9. Not a bad uniform, just a terrible, terrible uniform malfunction captured on TV in front of the ENTIRE WORLD. 


Source: fastco