Calling all Total Recall fans, that girl with three boobs that you've been dreaming about since 1990 is now a reality. The downside, she doesn't want to date you and might be, no, is most definitely crazy. 

Her name is Jasmine Tridevil and happens to live in Florida -- as if that wasn't already a given by the surgical addition of a third boob. 


Three Tits Tridevil as I will now be referring to her, had to see more than 50 doctors and before she found a mad scientist who was willing to break the code of ethics and perform the freakish surgery. The strange part is that Three Tits had the surgery because she wants men to be UNATTRACTED to her and no longer has an interest in dating. I hate to bash her game plan, but adding a third boob is probably the worst way to deter men from giving you unwanted attraction. 

Three Tits told an Orlando radio station that the real reason behind the $20,000 surgery was to get her own MTV reality show. *smashes palm into face* I'm sure that if MTV passes the folks at TLC or Ripley's Believe It or Not will be interested.