6. Why is everyone okay with the way Dr. Finkelstein treats Sally?

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Sally is basically a slave. She's held against her will, forced to do labor, and spends much of the movie trying to escape from her cruel master. While that is obviously troublesome enough, what makes matters worse is that other residents seem to be well aware of her situation, and yet they do nothing about it.

This is particularly true of Jack, who not only has romantic feeling for her, but also seems to be the most powerful resident. If he saw anything wrong with what was going, he would definitely be able to stop it. At the very least he should go up to Dr. Finklestein and tell him "Hey guy. Slavery isn't cool," but no. He, like everyone else, seems totally fine with what's going leading me to believe that the actual scariest thing about Halloween Town is the continued existence of certain institutionalized evils that should be abolished.

7. Why is Satan a resident of Halloween Town?

 ...Is Halloween Town Hell?

8. Oogie Boogie is pretty much just a serial killer right?

Though Disney villains are universally evil, they at least usually have some sort of end game in mind. Jafar wants to be sultan. Cruella de Vil wants a snazzy new coat. Oogie Boogie wants...actually I don't really know how to end that exactly because I don't think he really has one. Oogie just seems to enjoy torturing and/or murdering people. I mean, Santa is definitely not the first person he's lured down into his basement like this. His entire house is an elaborate killing machine and it's  LITTERED WITH THE BONES OF HIS PAST VICTIMS.

Just to recap, here we have widely feared but little seen murderer who lives in a sketchy shack on the outskirts of town, and based on his accent and jazzy musical number, seems to be vaguely related to Louisiana...Guys, I think I figured out who the Yellow King is. 

9. This.

At the end of the movie, Jack decides he wants to go back to Halloween Town, so to get there he just casually opens up a random grave and walks down it. How does this work? Do all graves lead to Halloween Town. When we die, is that where we go? I said it jokingly at first, but I'm starting to think that Halloween Town might actually just be Hell.

10. The Clown With The Tear-away Face

I don't really have anything deeper to say on this one. This damn clown bothered me when I was a kid and it still bothers me today. It's fucking terrifying.

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