There's just so much you can do with the stuff you already have. Why run to the store and throw away all your money when you can grab a roll of duct tape, a paper clip, and that piece of gum stuck to your shoe? Here's a bunch of stuff you can repurpose to be useful again:


1. Remote control broken on your home receiver? Use an RC car.



2. Replacement battery not the correct size? Duct tape.



3. Laptop getting kind of hot? Focus your room fan.



4. Dishwasher broken? Button has to be held down? Recruit your mop, he's not doing anything right now.



5. Speedometer busted? Print out this overlay for your tachometer.



6. Tubes need joining? Nothing that some pencils and tape can't solve.



7. You wanted a desk fan? Well I got plenty of these from old computers:



8. Laptop display burn out? No worries, you can use this guy.

Buddy just MacGyvered the shit out of his daughters broken laptop.


9. Phone charging cable too short? Let me slide this out right here.