Kids are dumb and will believe ANYTHING an older human tells them -- no matter how ridiculous. There's been an interesting thread going on Reddit with people sharing the stupidest things they were tricked into believing as children. It's kind of amazing that we even survived until adulthood considering how gullible we all were at one time. Here are 10 of the standout lies that people were deceived into believing to be true. Man, were we all stupid as children. 

The Dangers of TV

"When I was about 6, my older sister convinced me that if I watched TV in the dark, my head would explode. She could watch TV at night/in the dark because she was old enough. I have no idea why I found that convincing." - exiledjedi



Your appendix = your balls

"My big brother convinced me that your appendix was your testicles. For years and years, whenever I heard someone was getting their appendix removed, I thought they were getting their balls removed.

It gets worse. When I was about 10,11 a girl in my class was out from school because she was getting her appendix removed. This lead to an even dumber rationalization that girls had balls, but no penis."- mastafishhere

How tornadoes work

"I thought we were supposed to stay away from windows during tornadoes so the tornado couldn't see us." - officialposter

Eye boogers

"Some older kid in school told me and my friends that the goop in the corner of your eyes is called "cum squirt". We all believed it and thus began some of the most awkward conversations I've had with my parents." - jaden96

Lego police

"When I was 5 years old I got a Lego set that I was really excited about it and showed it to my uncle. He looks at it and says it for ages 9 and up and I had to give it back or he would call the Lego police on me. For weeks after that I was paranoid that the Lego police were going to break down my door and haul me off." - patrick-work-account



Always a dad

"My dad used to joke around saying he was never a kid and he's always been a dad. I literally thought he was a timeless being who had kids before me and never mentioned them." - rocket-to-neptune

Head reattachment 

"A buddy of mine had a lot of scars on his neck, I think it was from a burn or something as a kid. Scars stretched around most of his neck. We convinced another buddy of mine that he had eaten poisonous mushrooms as a kid causing his airway to swell shut and they had to cut his head off so he could breathe., We convinced him of this in 7th fucking grade." - su5

Chocolate puddles

"My cousin convinced me that muddy puddles taste like chocolate milk. My six year old brain believed that theory. I tested it, and the results were more than satisfactory. To this day I swear that puddles are delicious, but I'm not confident enough to try it again." - betakeys



Gay year

"My sister and I convinced our younger brother that everyone goes through a second puberty around 18 where you would be gay for a year and at the end of the year you would just either stay gay or be straight. A week later he asked our mom about her year being gay and she told him the truth."  - pepperminttoad

Everyone in movies has Aids

"When we were kids I told my younger sister that the people who died in movies were not acting, but were instead infected with AIDS and were actually being killed as a service to society. I forgot all about it until about ten years later when she figured it out and called me a jerk." - jumbo_janxbot





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