World, meet the Zinger Double Down King, it's here to fuck you up -- specifically your heart and arteries. Look at this monstrosity, don't turn away LOOK AT IT!!

Two pieces of chicken in place of bread -- cuz that's how KFC makes sandwiches now, get on board, pussy -- a beef patty -- who cares if it's a chicken restaurant -- and bacon. Cuz everything now has bacon on it for some reason. Oh, and what's that just underneath the burger patty dripping off the chicken bun, gravy, because grease = good or something. 

Somehow this thing is currently only available in Korea. How America was robbed of this remains a mystery, but my money says Kim Jong Un is somehow involved. 



But just how does it look in real-life? Appetizing? Errr, maybe if you squint hard enough. 

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