When the regular NBA season begins soon, it will be easy to forget that the players are not just 6-inch-tall moving clusters of pixels on your TV screen. Off the court, they are towering giants among us normal-sized folks. Thankfully, celebrities are always around for some helpful perspective.


Here's a few times basketball players made celebs look like lawn ornaments:



1. When Kevin Hart (5'4'') met Shaq (7'1''):

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2. When the Rock (6'5'') met Sun Ming Ming (7'9''):

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3. When Christina Aguilera (5'2'') met Yao Ming (7'6'') & Shaq:

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4. When Bill Clinton (6'2'') met Dikembe Mutombo (7'2'')

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5. When Arnold Schwarzenegger (6'2'') met Shaq:

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