I love Halloween parties, especially the creative take on snacking that comes with the spooky theme. Here's the thing about food though, it's kind of difficult to enjoy it when it looks like something that was dug up from a graveyard, slathered in ketchup and then baked in an oven. White chocolate ghost strawberries? Yes! Mini hot dogs that look like zombie fingers? Keep'em coming. A cupcake that looks like a truck stop hooker's cold sore? Get the hell out of that party!

1. Meatloaf Rat

Yes, those are chicken feet, and no, I don't want to try a piece of your rat loaf. 



Source:  theawesomer

2. Litter Box Chocolate Poop

Dammit, who the hell thought this would be an appetizing idea? I want names! Not only is a litter box filled with chocolate turds in no way related to Halloween, but if the host owns a cat you're going to be second guessing that thing's every move. 


Source: instructables 

3. Cold Sore Cupcakes

"Mmm, I just love desserts that look like viral infections." - said nobody ever.  


Source:  pintrest