Interstellar comes out this weekend and I couldn't be more psyched to see Christopher Nolan blast Matthew McConaughey into outer space.  Like most big-budget films, it's going to have unbelievable special effects. Unlike most big-budget films, the movie doesn't use any green screens. How this pulled off is a mystery to me, (black magic maybe?) but what makes it so impressive is the throwback to old school filmmaking.

Not to rag on green screens -- Lord of the Rings would be pretty boring without them -- but it is sort of taking the easy way out. They're often used for impressive special effects like putting Chris Pratt into some otherworldly solar system, but sometimes they're even used for filming something simple, like an outdoor scene in front of a court building. Check out these TV shows and movies that made good use of the green screen. 

1. X-Men: Days of Future Past

Source: cbmtrailers

2. Game of Thrones

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3. Law & Order

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4. Ugly Betty

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5. The Walking Dead

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