Extreme sports are already a strange phenomenon. Grown adults play with toys that can kill them so they might milk their brain of adrenaline and tell stories later. The best extreme athletes know: If you're going to do something stupid, go full stupid.


1. Extreme Ironing

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Mom always said not to play around a hot iron. But extreme ironing takes that risk, and then some. Participants perform an everyday chore in the least everyday ways, putting themselves in danger in the name of wrinkle-free fabrics. Outlet not included.


2. Volcano Surfing

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Volcano surfing is like snowboarding, except the soft powdery snow is sharp volcanic rocks and the mountain might explode.


3. Mountain Unicycling undefined

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Also known as "Faceplanting: The Sport," mountain unicycling combines the best of mountain biking, the circus, and a weak sense of self-preservation.

4. Kite Tubing

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While normal tubing is fun and easy (everybody can do it!), its airborne variant "kite tubing" is fun, easy, and has made people die (everybody does it!).