The holiday season is a time of "peace on earth and goodwill towards men." None of those fuzzy feelings come up when you take a look at these awful holiday tattoos. The nightmarish ink on these belong in Halloweentown, not Santa's Village. 'Tis the season for ruining childhoods!


10. All I want for Christmas is a go-pack to run away from Zombie Santa.


Source: Cherry Bombed



9.No one will ever donate to Toys for Tots again.


Source: Oddee



8. You'll shoot your eye just looking at this Ralphie monstrosity.

Source: Complex



7. He wanted to be a dentist, not the murderer on the Serial podcast.

Source: Keenly Kristin


6. Aw, dude. That's literally a piece of shit on your body. Literally.

Source: Team Jimmy Joe